Weichao Chen's Photos

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These pictures were taken and graciously shared with Prime Portal and the internet community by Weichao Chen.
Thank you Weichao!


A-1E (52-132649) Skyraider
A-4B (142833) Skyhawk
A-4C (148314) Skyhawk
A-6DSD (162185) Intruder
A-6E Intruder
A-7D (70-0970) Corsair II
A-12 (60-6925) Blackbird
AAM-N-3 Sparrow II
AC-130A (54-1626)Spectre
AH-1F (67-15781) Cobra
Ah-1G Cobra (Front Section)
AH-1J (159218) Sea Cobra
AH-1S (70-15956) Cobra
AV-8C (159232) Harrier
B-26K/A-26 (41-17676) Counter Invader
B-52D-30-BW (56-0665) Stratofortress
BGM-109 Tomhawk
Bird of Prey
C-7A (62-4193) Caribou
C-17A (87-0025) Globemaster III
C-60A (43-16445) Lodestar
C-119J (51-8037) Flying Boxcar
C-124C-DL (52-1066) Globemaster II
C-130E (62-1787) Hercules
C-141C (66-0177) Starlifter
Concorde 102 (G-BOAD)
E-1B (147212) Tracer
EB-57B (52-1499) Canberra
EC-121D (53-555) Warning Star
EC-135E (60-0374) Aria
Etendard IV M (60)

F3D-2/F-10B (127074) Skyknight
F3H-2N/F-3B Demon
F9F-8 (141117) Cougar
F-4C (64-0829) Phantom II
F-4N (150628) Phantom II
F-8K (145550) Crusader
F-11F-1 (141884) Tiger
F-14B (157986) Tomcat
F-14D (159610) Tomcat
F-16A (79-0403) Fighting Falcon
F-21A (999734) Kfir
F-22A (91-4003) Raptor
F-100D (56-3440) Super Sabre
F-100F (56-3837) Super Sabre
F-105D (60-0445) Thunderchief
F-105D (60-0504) Thunderchief
F-105G (63-8320) Wild Weasel
F-111A (67-0067) Aardvark
FJ-3 (135868) Fury
HH-52A (1429) Seaguard
HO4S-3G/H-19 Chickasaw
J-7II Prototype (0137)
MB-339A (MM54476)
Me-262A-1A (500491)
MiG-21PFM (4105)
Model 76 (N269VA) Voyager
MQ-1L (97-3034) Predator A
O-2A (67-21331) Skymaster
OH-13G (52-07807) Sioux
OH-23C (56-02279) Raven
OH-58A (70-15122) Kiowa
OWRA (76)
P-59 Airacomet
Pershing II Missile
RB-66B (53-0475) Destroyer
RF-8G (146860) Crusader
RQ-2A Pioneer
RQ-3A DarkStar
RQ-7A Shadow 200
Scimitar F.1 (XD220)
SpaceShipOne (N328KF)
SS-20 Missile
T-33A (53-5226) Shooting Star
T-34A (N34Z) Mentor
TBM-3E (24803) Avenger
U-2C (56-6680)
UH-1A Huey
UH-1H (65-09792) Huey
X-35B (301) JSF Demonstrator
X-45A Joint Unmanned Combat Air System (J-UCAS)
XP-80 (44-83020) Shooting Star
YA-37A (62-5951) Dragonfly
YC-125C (48-0626) Raider
YF-104A (N818NA) Starfighter
YMQ-9 Reaper
YRQ-4A-10 (98-2003) Global Hawk

M1E1 Abrams
M35A2C 2.5 ton Cargo Truck
M42 Duster
M48A1 Patton
M60A3 Patton
M84 Armored Mortar Carrier
M110A2 Self-propelled Howitzer
M113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier
M198 Towed Howitzer
M561 Gama Goat
M578 Light Recovery Vehicle
M1078 LMTV Uparmored