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Space Reference

Dryden Flight Research Center - Wonderful set of photos of the X-planes and support planes.


Places to Purchase

Custom Replicas - Small line of incredibly detailed and pricey models.  They have both real space and sci-fi.
Discount Rocketry
- Primarily a supplier for rocket kits and motors, however they do have a small selection of plastic models.
EVA Models - Space and sci-fi model supplier.  They carry some very nice figure kits.
Galactic Voyager
- An on-line resource for historic air and space memorabilia, models, and NASA mission emblems.
Inter Mountain Railway - Suppliers of possibly the most detailed and accurate model of the International Space Station.
Launch Complex Models - Makers of launch pads and craft transports.
New Ware Models - Producer of real space kits from the Czech republic.
RealSpace Models
- Makers of resin kits of factual spacecraft and launch vehicles.  High quality multimedia kits and upgrades.
Space Craft International - Low price but very nice paper models of various space craft in multiple scales.

Space Modeling

Ninfinger Productions - One of the most comprehensive sites on the web for real space modelers and x-plane fanatics.
George's Shuttle Model - Quite a bit of information on his Flying shuttle and an excellent set of scale drawings of the Space Shuttle.