Don Busack's Photos

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These pictures were taken and shared with the web by Don Busack (Web Master of Prime Portal).


American 5299 Crawler Crane
Case 1085 Cruz-Air
Caterpillar 12 Grader
Caterpillar Challenger MT865
Fiat-Allis 545B
Grove TMS875C W/ Trailing Boom Package
ICON 19C Scraper
John Deere 772CH
John Deere E7350
Case 485 Quadtrac
Case 685 w/ Scraper
Case MX110 Maxxum
John Deere 5105M Tractor
John Deere 7430 with 741 Loader
John Deere 9600 Combine
John Deere 9630 Tractor
Terra-Gator 8144


1957 Diamond-T Wrecker
COFD - grass fire 6/15/06
International (IHC) 9400
Selma Shell Racing Truck
Spider USA Truck
Stobbs/Hoffman Racing Truck
Western Star 4964EX
Truck Wreck I-90 Bridge (09-30-05)
Watery Truck Recovery

ALCO C420 (DSRC 213)
ALCO C420 (DSRC 213) in Action
ALCO S3 (DSRC 103)
Crane Car
DDA40X (UP 6925)
EMD GP30 (SOO Lines 719)
EMD GP30 (SOO Lines 719) Last Stop
EMD SD7 (DSRC 512)
EMD SD7 (DSRC 522)
EMD SD9 (DSRC 506)
GE70T (DSRC 76)
GE70T (DSRC Unknown)
GE70T (SSOR 75)
M310 (X900001) Snowplow
UP MOW Crane
UP MOW Crane



Scale Models
Review - 152mm ShKH vz.77 DANA