Anonymous's Photos

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These pictures were taken and graciously shared with Prime Portal and the internet community by an anonymous member.
Thank you Anon!


6 Pounder Anti-tank Gun
AT-3 Sagger (9K11 Malyutka) with 9S415 Control Box
AT-L Artillery Tractor
ATS-59G Artillery Truck
Batashit Security Patrol Vehicle (IDF)
BDRM-2 Sagger
BDRM-2 with Interior
BTM High Speed Ditching Machine
Churchill III

D9L (911520)
D9L (949500)
D9R (949653)
D-30 (2A18M) 122mm Towed Howitzer
D-44 85mm Divisional Gun
DShK (Dushka) 12.7mm
Eshel Hayarden
Eyal Observation Post Vehicle
GAZ-69 Baby Carriage with Shmell
IDF Sandwich Armored Truck
ISU Armored Command Vehicle
ISU Armored Command Vehicle
ISU Armored Recovery Vehicle (Egyptian)
JS-3 Stalin
M1 Sherman Turret
M3 Armored Recovery Vehicle
M3 Grant
M3 Half-Track with Bambino Crane
M4 Sherman Driving Trainer
M4 Sherman Monster Moving Target
M4 Sherman with AMX-13 (75mm)
M7 Priest (IDF)
M22 Locust
M24 Chaffee
M32 Armored Recovery Vehicle
M32 TRV with Interior
M42 Duster
M50 Super Sherman
M50 Suspension System HVSS
M51 Super Sherman
M52 Self Propelled Howitzer
M551 Sheridan
M978 (IDF) Fuel Truck
ML-20 152mm Howitzer
MT-55 Bridgelayer
Puma APC
QF 17 Pounder Anti-tank Gun
S-23 180mm Howitzer
Saladin Armored Car
Scania LB85 Fuel truck
T-34 ARV
T-34/122 Self-propelled Howitzer
T-55 ARV BTS-2
Tsefa (Viper) Mk 1
Tsefa (Viper) Mk 2
Zachlad Half Track