MiniArt Soviet Field Kitchen KP-42

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This review was written and submitted by Thomas Voigt.


Company: Mini Art
Item #: 35061
Item name: Soviet Field Kitchen KP-42
Review type: Inbox preview

Mini Art has released another very welcomed item to depict a nice diorama scene. This Russian field kitchen is a very unique kit, as only a German field kitchen was available
The manual contains 25 build steps plus the painting instructions for the figures and a paint charts with suggestions from Vallejo, Testor, Tamiya, Revell and Mr. Color.

The kit consists of 144 parts in grey styrene. One sprue is for the field kitchen itself, another sprue for four three Russian soldiers in lifelike poses that fit excellent to the topic..


Knock-out marks are only found on the inner faces of the main parts, which are hidden after assembly. All parts are free of any flash, only the obligatory little mold departing line has to be scrapped off with a sharp blade, but this is an issue on any plastic model kit.
The details are very sharp and crisp. The smaller parts also show some excellent details. Many of the smaller parts have one or two of the little knobs that need to be removed. It´s a little time consuming, but worth the issue, because it avoids ejector marks on the parts themselves or chunky design of them to get them easier released from the mold.


The cooking pot is cleverly designed and has beautiful detail. The hatch can be displayed open, without looking in a void. There´s an insert so that you can leave the hatch open, to depict a little “reloading” scene. On the underside is a hatch for the ash pan. Two food containers are placed on the fenders

The wheels are built up by putting together seven “slices” for each wheel. This way of designing makes sure that you get a very nice tire pattern in the end, without using slide molds or very soft rubber like material to get create a nice realistic pattern.
The two other tiny sprues include two wheel rims and attachments for the wheels to the axle.


The sprue with the figures contain a cook filling the food container while standing on the trailer, another soldier sitting in front of a bucket, slicing potatoes. A third one takes care of the fire wood and a fourth soldier standing by. The other sprues are from their GAZ AAA wheel set. It includes three wheels, two for the trailer, another one used as spare wheel.


The kit contains no decals or PE parts.

Many thanks to Mini Art for the review sample!

Review by Thomas Voigt for Prime Portal
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