F-5E Tiger II Restoration

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Click for larger image - Photo taken by Bill Spidle 1/19/1980

The OV-10 Bronco Association

On this cold & dreary winter day, the sixth aircraft to be installed in the Forward Air Controller Museum’s (FACM) Combat Air Park arrived.  The F-5E Tiger II single-seat fighter jet was delivered on a flatbed truck this morning and unloaded in the sleet.  With the assistance from some of the OV-10 Bronco Association (OBA) members, this fighter jet was placed near the OBA Museum at the south end of Meacham Airport.

This F-5, aircraft number 74-1558, was last employed as an “Aggressor” adversary aircraft in the U.S. Navy.  The “Aggressors” flew enemy tactics against our U.S. active duty fighter squadrons to provide realistic air combat “dogfight” training.  This F-5 was last painted in a two-tone desert “Tiger Stripe” style with the former USSR red star and red number 13 on the nose.

Jim Bloomberg, Director of Air Operations and Aircraft Acquisitions remarked, “Just like when we reassembled the F-4 Phantom, we will assemble this Tiger sometime soon within the coming months.”  Jim Hodgson, President of OBA said, “We mated the F-4 fuselage to the wing in one day and so too, we will pick a nice warm day to mate the F-5.”  People from Texarkana, Richardson, Plano, Arlington, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Ft. Worth, etc. are traveling to restore all six of these war horses.  Restoration of OBA/FACM aircraft takes place on the second Saturday of each month.  

         The OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc. is a not for profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation, charter in the State of Texas.  Its museum in Fort Worth is recognized by the Texas State Historical Commission.  The “Bronco Ready Room Museum” is open for visitors Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

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F-5E 74-1558

F-5E Tiger II Arrival by Jim Hodgson

Photos by Bill Spidle
Fuselage - 2/21/2006
Misc - 2/21/2006
Wing - 2/21/2006

Bill Spidle - 3/11/2006
F-5E Cockpit - Behind the seat
F-5E Cockpit - Forward
F-5E Cockpit - Left side
F-5E Cockpit - Right Side
F-5E Canopy
F-5E Ejection Seat
F-5E Upper Fuselage