M4 Sherman Tank

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The M4 Sherman was the most prevalent US tank in WWII.  It's main armament was it's 75mm Cannon.


M4A1 Walk Around     Secondary M4A1 Walk Around     Marcel's M4 Sherman Re-enactment Photos
M4A1 Walk Around by Greg Smith
Ivan's M4 Composite Walk Around     M4A2E8 Walk Around by Scott Tremblay
M4A3(75)W Walk Around by Gert Burkert-Opitz
M4A3E8 Walk Around by Dmitry Kiyatkin
Robert's M4A4 Sherman VC 17pdr Walk Around
Robert's M4A4 Sherman VC 17pdr Wreck Walk Around     Dan's M4A3E2 Walk Around
M4A1 Walk Around by Dan Rowbottom     M4A4 Walk Around by Jan Peters
M4A4 Sherman VC 17pdr Walk Around by Robert De Craecker
M4A4 Sherman VC 17pdr photos By Robert De Craecker

M1 Sherman Turret    M4 Sherman Driving Trainer    M4 Sherman Monster Moving Target    M4 Sherman with AMX-13 (75mm)

M4 (105mm) VVSS Sherman