The Wish List
In an effort to make Prime Portal's content more in line with the users desires, the wish list was created.  If you have a specific request for a particular photo, set of photos, walk around, or whatever, let me know and I will get it added to the list.

3/2/06 - Starting now, new additions to the wish list will have ** in front of the name for a few days to make it easier to find the new entries.

Ground Vehicles

IDF Ground vehicles

Details of the engine of the M1070 Oshkosh Tractor Truck

M746 tank transporter/Tractor Truck

Aircraft Refueling Trucks - R-9, R-11, and URALs

Leopard or M113 in winter splinter camouflage

Humber Scout Car Walk Around interior & inside engine compartment

Photos of the 3.7 cm Flak M42 as were carried on the Schnellboot and U-boats.

Soviet BMR- based on any of the models

Photos from the 1▲ 1-37▲ armor in Friedberg.  Any vehicles - wheeled or tracked.

OPFOR Surrogate Vehicle based on the M113A3 chassis walk around

**International Military Rail Loads/ Ship Loads/Air Loads

152mm ShKH vz.77 Photos & Walk Around
155mm ShKH Zuzana Photos & Walk Around
AAVP7-A1 Walk Around and photos
AAVR7A1 Walk Around and photos
British Sherman mk1 & mk2 Walk Around
Canadian Lynx in the field photos
CVR(T) Samaritan
DEUCE Walk Around and photos
KMT-7 mine roller set Walk Around
Leopard 2A6 (Greek) Walk Around and Photos
LPWS Walk Around and Photos
M42 Duster details - ammo storage boxes and its interior
M52a1 SP Gun
M88A2 Walk Around and Photos

M104 Wolverine HAB walk around & photos
M119 Trailer, when possible in CARC
M123A1E2 Walk Around
M151 A1/A2 Photos
M727 Tracked Hawk Walk Around
M813 Family Photos
M872 Flat Bed Trailer Walk Around
M880 Photos
M920 Tractor Walk Around
M969A2 Walk Around
M1031 Walk Around
M1064A3 Mortar Carrier - Walk Around
M1068A3 Command Vehicle - Interior Walk Around
M1082 Walk Around
M1095 Walk Around
M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS) Photos and Walks
MK48 LVS in all version
PPR-1 Photos & Walk Around
Rascal Walk Around and photos
Straight Flush radar vehicle
SU-122/54 Walk Around and photos
UK Tank Trans Semi-Trailer King GTS 100/7




Any UAVs

Aircraft Refueling Trucks - R-9, R-11, and URALs

SOAR helos (MH-47E, MH-60L/K, A/MH-6J)


A-20 interior, Bomb bay ,wheel bay
B-29/C-97 internal flaps details
C-37 Inside Walk Around
C-37 Round Engine Walk Around
English-Electric Lightning walk around & photos
F100-PW engine used by F-16 and F-15
F-106 cockpit and walk around
Global Hawk walk around
He-111 bomb bay,cockpit interior
JAS-39A/C cockpit and rear deck detail shots
JU-87 Stuka Walk Around including cockpit
Ju-88 Walk Around
Ju-188 interior, gun turret
Mc-205 interior and walk around
Mitsubishi F-2 Walk Around
P-40B Walk Around
RF-5E Walk Around
Saab 105 Walk Around and interior
Short SC-1 Walk Around
Su-27 UBīs cockpit, specially of the sidewalls
UH-60Q Walk Around - Inside and out