Carl Dennis's Photos

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These pictures were taken and graciously shared with Prime Portal and the internet community by Carl Dennis.
Thank you Carl!


20mm Flak 38
F-15I Ra'am
F-16A Block 15M (82-0977)
F-16C Block 25D (84-1250)
F-16C Block 30 (85-1412)
F-16C Block 30 (85-1426)
F-16C Block 30A (85-1464)
F-16C Block 30A (85-1470)
F-16C Block 30E (86-0366)
F-16C Block 40E (89-2035)
F-16C Block 50B (91-0339)
F-16C Block 50C (91-0352)
Infanterie Schlepper UE 630(f)
IPMS 2009 Telford
J-32E (32512) Lansen
L-39ZO Albatross
Magach 3
Renault UE Tankette
Sea King AEW2A (XV664)
SR-71A Blackbirds Det4 9SRW
T-55A Enigma
T-62 Model 1972
Tiran 5Sh
Tiran 6 Turret
VT-55A Modified