National Guard Ops & Training

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Chamberlain National Guards - 200th Engineers

08/20/04 First time training for the with the new IRB Bays.  As a side note, one of the "civilians" on the shoreline is the designer of these bays!


03/06/05 More training with the IRB Bays.  For many of these troops, this was their first experience with the IRB's.  Most of the pictures are from the point where the bridge is built until it is dismantled and reloaded on the HEMTTs. I was lucky enough to take many of the pictures from the bays on the river. Thanks Guys for inviting me out there!


04/02/05 Training with the IRB Bays.  This set of pictures covers from their arrival onsite to the assembly of a five bay bridge.  There are some great shots in here of the bays splashing into the water.


Beaver Bay, ND - These photos are of the 200th Engineers - at Beaver Bay, North Dakota - training with the assault ribbon bridges and the rest of their equipment. 


06/08/07 200th Engineers preparing IRB Rafts for crossing the Missouri at Chamberlain, SD.
06/09/07 These photos were taken during the beginning of Operation Joint Thunder 2007 at a Bosslift.

200th National Guards Convoy