New Order Models

    After hearing about one of my favorite rifles, the Barrett M82A1, being available in 120mm scale, I had to have it.  Thanks to the many fine people on Armorama, I was finally able to find a place to order it and many other sweet 120mm weapons kits as well.

    The place I ordered from was The Red Lancers (no affiliation) in Milton, PA.  The order was placed Late Jan 19th and I had it in my hands by Jan 23rd.  I will definitely do more business with them in the future.  Now on to the models.

    As a quick over view of the New Order Models that I have seen so far, they are excellent quality.  I have yet to find a bubble in the resin.  The flash is minimal and the way they are molded, cleanup is always in a very easily accessible place.


WS18 - US AR15/M16 Viet Nam


This set comes with seven different versions of the M16 including collapsible stocks, night vision, and even extra clips.  The picture you see above is the parts exactly as they came out of the package, no cleanup was done.  The packaging is done very well, no parts were broken.  The detail level is excellent right down to the non-slip pistol grip.  Its all there right down to the open ejection ports and visible bolt, the fire selector switch, and the charging handle.

If you are looking for 120mm (1/15th) scale M16's, look no further.

Number of parts - 11
Number of weapons - 7
Price - $18.95


WS19 - US Support Weapons & Acc Viet Nam


This is a great set of weapons for a 120mm diorama.  Its got it all, grenades, claymore, wire, and even an RPG.  First lets start out with the claymore mine.  You get one mine with the very clear letters of "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY" clearly marked across the front of it.  Its accessories include the legs, detonator, and a spool of wire.  There is also (my best guess) one standard trip mine and a smoke grenade.

The RPG has carved anti-slip grip in the handle and clear fins on the projectile.  There is also a sight included for the weapon.  Everything about it is very crisp and clean.

The M16s are very similar to the group in WS18, only these have the M203 mounted underneath.  As before, the attention to detail is fantastic.  You get one collapsible stock and one standard stock.

There are two M79 grenade launchers.  One that is modeled closed with its sight, the other can be modeled with the breech open.  You also get two 40mm rounds.

This set is great for accessorizing your 120mm figures.

Number of parts - 20
Number of weapons - 8
Price - $18.95


WS22 - US M60 on Tripod


This is the worst of this line of kits for flash and it still isn't that bad!  Especially when you look at what they made for you.  The detail is exactly what I have come to expect from New Order Models.  The receiver cover has an incredible amount of detail on the inside.  The M60 has been beautifully reproduced right down to the sight adjustment knobs.  What impressed me more than anything else about it is the fact that even with as many small and thin parts as there are in this kit, the only broken piece was one single round in one of the belts of ammo.  You get six individual rounds with belt links and two long belts of ammo.  You can clearly see each link in the belt, the projectile in the casing, and the ejector ring at the base of the round.  The tripod elevation adjustment has all the grooves for the threading clearly visible.

This is the only kit I purchased from them that comes with instructions.  The instructions are adequate but could be better.

This is a beautiful little kit that I am looking forward to building.

Number of parts - 22 (I think - a lot of little parts!)
Number of weapons - 1
Price - $27.95


WS26 - US Barrett .50 M82A1


My kit came with a slight droop in the barrel, but that should be no problem to straighten out.  This kit comes with one 50 cal round, the rifle, its bipod, the scope, and the carrying bag.  You can build this up with or without the scope.  All the details are there.  The grips are clearly detailed with anti-slip patches.  The bolt and return spring is visible with crisp detail.  I haven't seen the breakdown bag for the Barrett first hand, but it seems to me the zipper is out of scale.

Number of parts - 9
Number of weapons - 1
Price - $18.95 (at the time of writing this it is on sale for $13)


WS37 - HK GL11 - 14 Family


This makes a nice set of futuristic looking weapons.  If I remember correctly, some of these fire case less ammunition.  The first thing that really caught me when I seen this model out of the box was the strap connectors.  If you wanted to put a strap on these, it would be very easy.  This kit also comes with two hands.

Number of parts - 9
Number of weapons - 7
Price - $18.95 (at the time of writing this it is on sale for $13)


If you are looking for 120mm weapons sets, do yourself a favor and check out New Order Models.  The quality is beautiful and the attention to detail is exceptional.

As I said before at the beginning of this review, I have no affiliation with The Red Lancers.  I also have no affiliation with New Order Models.  All samples for this review were provided by my wallet.

Questions or comments, please email me.