MiniArt Soviet 152-mm Ammunition

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This review was written and submitted by Thomas Voigt.


Company: Mini Art
Item #: 35076
Item name: Soviet 152-mm Ammunition
Review type: Inbox preview

Mini Art has some ammunition sets, including Soviet 152-mm Ammunition.
The kit comes as side opening box, with the sprues in one bag. Assembly and painting instructions in full colour are shown on the back side. A small decal sheet is also provided.

Each sprue contains twenty parts and is included six times.
Two types of grenades are included. The first is a OF-540 HE fragmentation shell, the other one is a G-530 HEAC shell. The cartridge is provided as a separate piece, with hollow opening manufactured with slide-mold. Unfortunately two grenades but only one cartridge is provided on each sprue. That means you can only display three of the six ammo boxes with ammunition, the other three you have to display half empty or closed. It would have been nice to have a second cartridge on each sprue.

The parts for the ammo boxes show a very nice wood grain texture, which will come out nicely when properly painted and weathered.


Except for the lower part of the ammo box no flash is visible. But the flash on this part is very thin and easily removed with a sharp blade and takes only seconds.

The box has inserts that secure the shell and the cartridge in the box, just like the original. Optional parts are provided for the two different shells.

The decals contain full stencils for the grenades and the ammo boxes, with options for the two types of ammo included. All stencils are readable and printed in black.

Conclusion: A nice little kit with excellent details. The only very little drawback is the omission of a second cartridge. It should bring a nice touch to a reloading or supply scene.

Many thanks to Mini Art for the review sample.

Review by Thomas Voigt for Prime Portal
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