Master Box Typ 170V Tourenwagen

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This review was written and submitted by Thomas Voigt.


Company: Master Box
Item #: 35100
Item name: Typ 170V, Tourenwagen, 4 Türen; WW II era
Review type: Inbox preview

Master Box just released the first kit of the Mercedes Benz 170V. The kit is the four door version and can be built with hard top or folding hood. Other options to build with or without side windows. Also two options for the fuel tank are included. The kit consist of four sprues in two different grey colors, a clear sprue for the window and a sprue of soft plastic in black grey for the tires.

All parts are free of any flash; only the mold departing line needs clean up. The clear parts are free of any distortion, bur close inspections show some very faint brush marks. But you see them only when getting very close. Some light sanding and polishing should solve this.

The wheels show nice pattern, but due to the soft material, the mould departing line will be difficult to clean up.

The instructions are 3D CAD drawings printed on an A3 sheet. The instructions include additional steps, where the completed assembly of the chassis and the engine are shown from several views, to give a better impression where which part is placed after assembly.


The engine is complete including water cooler and ventilator. If you want to display the engine hood open after assembly, only some additional plumbing is required.

The chassis includes leaf springs, gear box, drive train and transmission. The parts show very sharp detail.

The superstructure consists of one main piece, where all other parts are installed. The doors are separate parts and could be displayed open. Many small parts for additional detail, like gas and brake pedals, door opener, side consoles, rear view mirror, etc. are included for better detail. Two rifles and their holders can be placed in the rear passenger compartment.





Only the trunk cannot be displayed open. This could be an opportunity for aftermarket companies, to release such a set. This is one drawback of the kit, which otherwise gives so many options to display the model.

The Notek light on the left front fender seems a little oversized compared to the ones I know.

Decal options are given for four Heer vehicles, two Marne and Luftwaffe vehicles; even one military police option is given. Dials for the instrument panels are also decals.

Painting instructions are printed on the back of the box, with paint suggestions given for Vallejo Model Color and Vallejo Model air.

Many thanks to Master Box for the review sample!

Review by Thomas Voigt for Prime Portal
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