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In late 1966 the U.S. Air Force selected a military variant of the Cessna Model 337 Super Skymaster, designated the O-2, to supplement the O-1 Bird Dog forward air controller (FAC) aircraft then operating in Southeast Asia. Distinguished by twin tail booms and tandem-mounted engines, it featured a tractor-pusher propeller arrangement. Having twin engines enabled the O-2 to absorb more ground fire and still return safely, endearing it to its crews. The O-2 first flew in January 1967, and production deliveries began in March. Production ended in June 1970 after Cessna had built 532 O-2s for the USAF.

Cessna produced two series -- the O-2A and the O-2B. The O-2A carried wing pylons for rockets, flares and other light ordnance. In the FAC role, the O-2A identified and marked enemy targets with smoke rockets, coordinated air strikes and reported target damage. The O-2B operated as a psychological warfare aircraft equipped with loudspeakers and leaflet dispensers. It carried no ordnance.

The O-2A on display was assigned to the 20th Tactical Air Support Squadron at Da Nang, South Vietnam, in the late 1960s. It was transferred to the museum in December 1982.

Located at the National Museum of the Air Force, Wright Patterson AFB, OH.


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