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These pictures were taken and shared with the web by Kevan Vogler .


These photos show two preserved examples of ex Czech Air Force Sukhoi Su-25Ks.

Photos 1 through 16 show aircraft #1003, which is stored outdoors at the technical museum in Brno.  It is somewhat incomlete; the tip of the vertical stabilizer, brake parachute door, and a weapons pylon under the right wing are the most notable missing features. Despite these absences, it is still a respectable example of the Su-25K type.  These photos were all taken in spring of 2006.

Photos 17 to 24 show a more complete and much better preserved Frogfoot in the form of aircraft #5007.  This aircraft was seen at the open day of the Czech air base in Namest nad Oslavou in October 2006.

- Kevan


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Su-25K Frogfoot Su-25K Frogfoot Su-25K Frogfoot Su-25K Frogfoot


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