Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB)

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Improved Ribbon Bridges

IRB Rafts Being Washed Down     IRB Rafts Ready To Go     IRB Rafting Photos




Improved Ribbon Bridge, Ramp Bay

IRB RB Walk Around     IRB RB on BAP Walk Around     IRB RB Lever Walk Around

IRB RB Top Walk Around     IRB RB Ramp Side Walk Around     IRB Photos

IRB Bays being off-loaded




Improved Ribbon Bridge, Interior Bay

IRB IB Walk Around     IRB IB on BAP Walk Around     IRB IB Levers Walk Around

IRB IB Top Walk Around     IRB Photos     Latched IRB Launch




M-15 Bridge Adaptor Pallet (BAP)

BAP Walk Around     M1977 with BAP Extended Walk Around     M1977 w/ BAP Top Walk Around     M1977 w/ BAP Walk Around




M1076 Trailer

M1076 with CSB Walk Around     M1076 with IRB IB Walk Around




M1977 Common Bridge Transporter

M1977 Loading IRB     M1977 Unload IRB     M1977 CBT Walk Around     M1977 w Hydraulic Extended Walk Around

M1977 Loading IRB from the water     M1977 Loading a Combat Support Boat




MK II Combat Support Boat (CSB)

CSB loading onto a M1977     CSB in Cradle Walk Around     CSB Rear Walk Around     CSB Front Walk Around

CSB Port Walk Around     CSB Starboard Walk around     CSB Top Walk Around     M1977 w/ CSB Walk Around

M978 refueling MK2 CSBs     CSB Photos





Jed - Some IRB info along with the HEMTTs