Saurer SPz A1 Armored Personnel Carrier

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Saurer SPz A1 Photos by Clemens Niesner


Vehicle Information
This is the Austrian Armored Personnel Carrier Saurer SPz A1 with the MK 66 Oerlikon 20 mm machinegun.  The SPz A1 is the improved version of the old SPz 4K4 FA-G1.  At the time of writing the Austrian Bundesheer has 3 Armored Infantry Battalions (Panzergrenadierbataillon 9, 13 and 35) Each Battalion has three active Infantry Companies with three Platoons. Platoon = 2 x SPz 20 mm and 3 x SPz with heavy Machinegun .50 cal. In addition the Battalion has one HQ-Coy and one Anti-Tank-Coy.

Since 2003 the new Armored Fighting Vehicle ULAN displaced the Saurer SPz A1.


Crew: 3 + 7

Combat weight: 14 t

L: 5,4 m W: 2,5 m H: 2,3 m

Ground clearance: 0,42 m

Max speed: 60 km/h

Range: 370 km

Engine: 6-cylinder Saurer 4 FA, water-cooled turbocharged-diesel developing 250 hp

- Clemens Niesner