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These pictures were taken at a truck stop in Chamberlain, SD.
All images are 2592 x 1944.


I have a correction on the exhaust on this unit - thank you Pawel!

"It is fully standard feature of all upgraded USMC Piranha's. It is probably just as common on currently used vehicles as the old exhaust."


Some more information on the exhaust - Thank you Brandon Wright!

In referance to the comment about the LAV exhaust on prime portal, what you see in the pictures is part of the LAV SLEP (Service Life Extension) program. it's actually an exhaust cover that is designed to hide the intense thermal signature comming from the exhaust system. the old muffler is underneath it. by now every LAV in the USMC has been upgraded to SLEP standards, however there are a few pictures of LAVs in Iraq where the thermal cover has been removed for whatever reason. hope this helps anyone who's interested!

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